Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17 2010 event on Norms of Collaboration

I'm going to be presenting at the YNPN Pheonix event tonight June 17, 2010 from 6-8 pm.

Info on this event is available by clicking here.

I'll be using this information, and offering a way for people to collaborate.

7 Norms of Collaboration

Pausing to allow time for thought
• Pause after asking questions.
• Pause after others speak to reflect before responding.
• Pause before asking questions to allow time for artful construction.

Paraphrasing within a pattern of pause - paraphrase - question to ensure deep listening
• Listen and paraphrase to acknowledge and clarify.
• Listen and paraphrase to summarize and organize.
• Listen and paraphrase to shift levels of abstraction.

Putting inquiry at the center to reveal and extend thinking
• Inquire to explore perceptions, assumptions and interpretations.
• Invite others to inquire into our perceptions, assumptions and interpretations.
• Inquire before we advocate.

Probing to clarify
• Seek understanding of the meaning of words.
• Seek understanding of data, explanations, ideas, anecdotes and generalizations.
• Seek understanding of assumptions, perceptions and interpretations.

Placing ideas on the table and pulling them off / placing data and perceptions before the group
• State the intentions of our communications.
• Provide relevant facts, ideas, opinions and inferences.
• Remove or announce modification of ideas, opinions and points of view.

Paying attention to self and others to monitor our ways of working
• Balance participation and open opportunities for each other to contribute and respond.
• Restrain our impulses to react, respond or rebut at inappropriate times or in ineffective ways.
• Maintain awareness of the group’s task, processes and development.

Presuming positive intentions to support a non-judgmental atmosphere
• Communicate respectfully whether we agree or disagree.
• Embed positive presuppositions in our paraphrases, summaries and comments.
• Embed positive presuppositions when we inquire or probe for specificity

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