Thursday, December 20, 2007

Neuroscience, Leadership, and Coaching

Click on the link below to view 5 pod casts on Brain Based Coaching and the Neuroscience of Coaching.

Coaching with the Brain in Mind
We’ve learned more about the brain since the 1980’s than in all previous history. Many discoveries are providing hard evidence for how and why a coaching approach is so effective, and pointing to new ways to define, measure and deliver coaching. In this podcast you’ll learn why change is so hard (from a physical perspective), what every coach, manager and leader should know about the brain and the new science of attention, reflection, insight and action.

Click on the link below for David Rock's Neuroscience of Leadership article. This short piece is an excellent summary of what we've learned about the brain. The implications of this are profound on how we try to create positive behavior. For example, he says that neither incentives or punishments work in the long term. And yet, doesn't this describe much of our public policy?

Click here for Neuroscience of Leadership

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