Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten Thoughts TO GO

When you believe in an abundant universe, your world feels more plentiful.

A healthy diet is about how you prepare, not just choose, your food.

Walk, run, dance, and jump a little every day.

Explore your inner adventurer. Try things that excite you.

Sustainable living goes beyond a single action; it requires a shift in philosophy.

Your limitations aren’t flaws. They’re opportunities to cultivate self-kindness.

Think of smarter, greener ways to keep warm and dry this winter.

The most motivating thoughts spring from gratitude.

Becoming aware of what you’re eating – and why.

A resolution isn’t what you “should” do: it’s a chance to move your life forward.

From body + soul, January + February 2008

Thanks to Lynne of Bella Vita Wellness for passing this on.
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