Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Is Your Word?

"Ask yourself this: If I could say one word to the world, if I knew the world was listening attentively and would to the best of its ability follow the directive this word sent out, what would that word be?

And then, instead of trying to think of the word, open yourself to seeing all the places in your life where the word you were meant to embody has been calling to you. Because it has from the day you were born, one word has been calling to you, begging you to be with it, to learn the unique way in which only you could hold and embody and teach this word to the world. We think that the call, our vocation, will direct us in what to do with our lives.

But I think the call tells you where you must begin to practice the not-doing that will allow the one word you are here to embody fill you and shape your life."

The Call, Discovering Why You Are Here by Oriah Mountain Dreamer (p. 179)

We've been having so much fun talking about what our word may be. Some find it comes to them immediately, others have held that space open until the word revealed itself. What is your word?

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