Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Dream

Imagine you go to sleep and wake up in the year 2012. People are using their resources, and creating positive change through collaboration.

Money in the social sector is being well spent and creating high impact outcomes that are transforming the world. The corporate sector has adopted the triple bottom line – the driving forces for business are people, planet, and profit. People are using their strengths collectively, they are passionate about their work and the contributions they are making to create a collective shared vision of flourishing.

Young professionals can’t even believe that it was ever any different. They have heard stories about how all the effort and focus used to go into listing and describing what people, organizations, and communities didn’t have, what they lacked, and how this was call “needs assessments” or “gap analysis”.

They couldn’t believe that people would do this before developing ideas-- because this so narrowed the focus of inquiry and distorted the situation. They couldn’t imagine how so much money and time was spent developing expensive programs in the social sector which could only be funded with large amounts of new money. And they couldn’t understand why people would completely ignore all the resources, assets, and strengths of what did exist. They also couldn’t believe that people would measure prevalence of all the risk factors and make decisions about program funding based on these statistics without any consideration of what would have the greatest impact, what was sustainable, and what built on existing strengths.

There is a book that describes how it used to be and the cover says Deficits ARE History.

When told the story of how this shift came about, there were lots of little steps that combined to create a tipping point. Join us in discovering the gentle actions which lead to this shift.

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