Saturday, February 6, 2010

April 22 - Arizona Evaluation Network Annual Conference


Thursday April 22, 2010 AZENET ANNUAL CONFERENCE 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Location: East Valley Institute of Technology, Mesa Arizona.

Topic: Culturally Competent Evaluation and Skills Building --Introduction to Social Network Analysis for Evaluators

In the morning, we will focus on culturally competent evaluation. We will explore the following questions:
• What are some of the most important issues in designing/conducting a culturally competent evaluation?
• How can we increase our ability to work effectively and respectfully with different populations?
• What skills and knowledge would have the greatest impact in our work?
• What is the difference between cultural humility and cultural competency?

In the afternoon Frederic Malter from the University of Arizona will present on Social Network Analysis (SNA) which is comprised of a set of statistical and graphical tools used to describe networks of interacting individuals or groups. SNA software can produce quantitative and graph-based outputs that describe network features, such as how much interactions revolve around key players in a network.

SNA can be of interest to evaluators in various ways, for example, in assessing coalition building or describing intra- or inter-organizational communication patterns. This presentation will introduce the general principles and applications of SNA. It will provide participants with first insights into the application of the widely used software package UCINet. Finally, I will demonstrate how graphical and statistical results can be interpreted and presented to program stakeholders and lay audiences.

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Cost: $35 for Azenet members and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Phoenix (YNPN) members, and $85 for non-members. Student rate $20

Questions contact Cassandra O’Neill at (520) 403-0687 or

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