Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning Opportunities -- High Impact Facilitation and Presenting Training

Workshops offered through Professional Development Alliance
Tucson, Arizona
Spring 2011

Facilitating Meeting Using Whole Systems Methods -- June 9, 2011

Topics include the common principles of Whole System Methods, how Whole System Methods align with recent research on how the brain works and strengths-based approaches to change, the benefits of using Whole System Methods, crafting invitational and appreciative questions, and instruction in how to use the following Whole System Methods: Appreciative Inquiry, The World Café and Open Space Technology.

Making Meetings Matter—A workshop on Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings, Coalitions, and Change Processes -- May 5, 2011
Recent research on how the brain works, how people learn and grow, and the power of internal motivation call for new ways of structuring meetings and change processes. This workshop will teach participants the following: New scientific research that affects the design of meetings and change processes, Highlights of material in Switch: How to Make Change When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath, and Time to Think by Nancy Kline, and the 10 essential ingredients for creating a thinking environment for any meeting.

6 Secrets to Effective and High Impact Presentations -- April 14, 2011
Topics include: Recent neuroscience and brain research that contain the secrets to effective presenting and learning and exploring 6 “Secrets” that you can immediately put to use in your presentation and facilitation. We also provide ample opportunities to reflect on the implications and applications of this knowledge for our work in the social sector, individually and collectively. These secrets will increase the learning, retention, and engagement of any presentation exponentially. They are simple and easy to adopt. Are you ready to increase your impact?

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