Thursday, May 3, 2007

Evolutionary Sustainability Training Opportunity: Are you interested in learning how to create sustainable change in organizations and communities?

By attending our training on Evolutionary SustainabilityTM, you will learn how to:

  • Build sustainable elements into all programs and organizational change efforts,
  • Successfully retain the changes/improvements you have created,
  • Examine the use of current resources and determine how to best align your resources with your goals and intended outcomes,
  • Expand your support base and available resources through the development of strategic collaborations,
  • Utilize collaborations to anticipate emerging trends and identify the next generation of innovations that you will adopt,
  • Employ tools for transformational engagement that create conditions for people to succeed and build the momentum necessary to generate lasting impact, and
  • Move away from a scarcity and deficit paradigm to one of sufficiency and interdependence.

See our website homepage for more information on Evolutionary SustainabilityTM and a registration form for our training in New Jersey on June 26,27.

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