Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Reflection: A Necessary Ingredient for Learning.

Ever wonder why people continue doing things that don’t work?
Consider the lack of reflection. Reflection is a necessary ingredient for learning, yet it is absent from many workplaces. The pressure to be doing something all the time, and the constant communication possible with email and cell phones has left little time for reflection.
What is reflection?
Daudelin defined it as follows. “Reflection is the process of stepping back from an experience to ponder, carefully and persistently, its meaning to the self through the development of inferences; learning is the creation of meaning from past or current events that serves as a guide for future behavior.” (Daudelin, 1996)
Did something you do with a group recently go well?
Try getting the group together to have a reflecting conversation about what you all did to make it go so well. Valuable learning will be revealed that will inform your future work.


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