Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness - Narrow and Spacious Mind

In The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness preparing to practice, Rabbi Rami Shapiro talks about narrow mind and spacious mind. He says:

"Narrow mind imagines itself separate from the world. It is isolated, often alienated, and sees the world as a zero-sum game in which its success depends on another's failure. Scarcity defines the world of mochin d'katnut; fear is its primary emotion and anger its most common expression.

Spacious mind, in both Judiasm and Buddhism, sees the self as part of the Whole: I am the Father and the Father is in me. As such, spacious mind engages life from a place of interdependence and compassion. Abundance is the hallmark of the world as mochin d'gadlut perceives it. As such, love rather than fear is its emotional foundation, and lovingkindness rather than anger is its defining characteristic. As we cultivate the Thirteen Attributes of Lovingkindness found in this book we continually shift from narrow mind to spacious mind. Spacious mind does not negate narrow mind, but embraces and includes it in a alrger vision. In this way your sense of self is freed from fear and anger, and you are empowered to engage the world with your own unique expression of lovingkindness." Page 6

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