Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Strengths Based Evaluation Tool - Appreciative Review Form

In our meeting on November 18 on Strengths based evaluation and consulting - We ended the day by using a strengths based evaluation tool. Here is a copy of it. We've written about in our last newsletters the power of taking off the standard questions that are deficit based such as what do you like least - because they shut down thinking, eliminate the benefit of reflecting during the peak retention period after a learning experience, and do not produce meaningful information. The Appreciative Reviews are a way to get at useful and meaningful information which enhance the participants learning and retention. Feel free to modify and use this. Cassandra -

November 18 meeting
Appreciative Review

1. What was the high point for you in this experience? Please share details and descriptions that brought the experience to life for you.

2. What do you value most about ….

The experience overall?

What you’ve learned?

What this has prepared you for?

3. What 3 wishes do you have for your learning and practice of strengths based methods?

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