Sunday, March 22, 2009

Increasing Energy with Appreciative Questions

I love Appreciative Interviews. I use them with groups and individuals. You can craft Appreciative Questions on any topic or use the same ones over and over. We created an Appreciative Inquiry Guide on Lasting Change. We've used this more than any other one because isn't that what we all want? To create positive lasting change!

I feel that you can never do too many Appreciative Interviews. It makes me laugh when people say - oh we've done that already. Just because you've done an Appreciative Interview once doesn't mean there isn't value to doing one again. In fact, I think that if you did one once per week, that would be a great way to stay focused on what gives you energy and increase your energy.

I'm currently taking a teleclass with Sara Orem on Appreciative Coaching. As part of the class, we paired up with someone in the class and interviewed each other using the following questions. There are many different versions of Appreciative Questions and Appreciative Coaching Questions. I really like these. I did them at the end of the day Friday and it was such a great way to end the work week.

Question 1. What experiences am I proud of?

Question 2. How do these experiences highlight my strengths and talents?

Question 3. How could I leverage these strengths and talents to address current issues and future dreams?

Question 4. What actions can I begin experimenting with (to assure that my imagined state IS my future state)?

Suggestion: Ask someone to pair up with you so you can interview each other. See how much energy you feel. You can do this every week and talk about something different every time.

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