Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adaptive Change Webinar

Free webinar on adaptive change is based on a recent article by Dr. Carol Mase, published in Shift Magazine called The Adaptive Organization. It can be downloaded at

Dr. Carol Mase has an extensive education in medical and social sciences and has worked as an entrepreneur, global marketing executive, and organizational coach-consultant. She brings the "new sciences" of complexity, neuroscience, and systems thinking to organizations and leadership.

Free interactive webinar to introduce the adaptive change model are offered in April.

Tuesday April 14, 2009 4-5 pm EDT / 1-2 pm PT

Thursday April 23, 2009 12-1 pm EDT / 9-10 am PT

Tuesday April 28, 2009 4-5 pm EDT / 1-2 pm PT

Register by email at subject=Free WebinarRegistration specifying the day you would like to attend.

She says...

We are entering an unprecedented time of change and opportunity. It is a time of great uncertainty and challenge; the new language of business describes our situation as complex and chaordic and new ways of thinking emerge as old mental models from the industrial era fail and add to, rather than improve, the problems we face. As recently stated by Sumeet Banerji, CEO of Booze and Company, "Industry structure is fundamentally [being] reshaped by [today's] discontinuity." A level of discontinuity that challenges even the most sophisticated manager and leader, not to mention their organizations.

"Change agents continue to struggle with outmoded models, tools, and techniques - ones that were sufficient in slower and simpler times, but that are counterproductive when complex adaptation is the only viable survival strategy." - Edwin Olson and Glenda Eoyang, in Facilitating Organizational Change

Taking advantage of this moment in history provides coaches and consultants with the opportunity to move beyond our outdated tools, designed in the era of linear, mechanistic organizational structures. We have the chance today to design new dynamic tools that engage organizations, managers, and leaders in a new conversation - one that allows them to create a new paradigm for business.

"As long as human beings have inhabited the Planet Earth, we have existed in a self-organizing world. Quite probably the majority are simply unconscious of this fact, and their adjustment to the forces of self-organization are equally unconscious. Others are unwilling Wave Riders, who take deep umbrage at the uncontrollable forces at play, seeking their defeat and claiming to be in charge. ... There have also been more than a few who truly understood the situation, if only intuitively, and learned to ride the waves to their benefit and to the benefit of their fellow human beings." - Harrison Owen, Wave Rider

If this speaks to you, please join in the conversation. If you know of someone who might be interested in this conversation, please pass on the invitation. The format is to first introduce a concept, the Conceptual Phase, as a free one-hour webinar from the worldview of self-organizing systems. For those who are interested, a second Application Phase, Tools for New Times (TNT), is offered as 3-5 week webinar. Finally, an Amplification Phase exists as an on-line creative design group, Organizational Change Agents, generating and testing new tools.

We begin with a biomimetic model of change, because change is what we are obviously facing at this point in history. The adaptive model offers you a new way of thinking about and resolving the organizational and individual strain and tensions that emerge when complex systems interact with, and in, a volatile global environment. Integrating systems thinking, organizational theory, and the new sciences this model gives you a tool designed to provide the change agents you coach with a road map for traversing this new landscape.

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