Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seven Sacred Pauses

In Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr the seventh is night time and she calls it the great silence. She's given some questions you can ask yourself at this time about your day. I thought these were beautiful and am passing them on. I modified a couple.

Have I been a good memory in anyone's life today?
Have the ears of my heart opened to the voice of the Universe?
Have the ears of my hear opened to my sisters and brothers?
Have the eyes of my heart beheld the Divine face in all created things?
What do I know, but live as though I do not know?
How have I affected the quality of this day?
Have I been blind or deaf to the blessings of the day?
Is there anyone, including myself, whom I need to forgive?
When did I experience my heart opening wide today?
Have I worked with joy or drudgery?
Have I waited with grace or with impatience?
What is the one thing in my life that is standing on tiptoe crying, "May I have your attention please?" What needs my attention?

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