Monday, May 18, 2009

There is Always Something to Celebrate

I recently went to a celebration of the University of Arizona's Learning Center. They handed out this quote on Celebration and I'm passing it along.

"Celebrating the wrong thing, or not celebrating at all, presents a serious loss, for celebration is, and should be, an occasion to participate in one’s own history and contemplate one’s future. It is a time for telling the story, honoring the heroes, renewing the spirit. For old-timers the time can be sweet, a remembrance of prior accomplishment and an opportunity to share dreams for the future. For the newcomers, such a celebration offers the chance to participate in the history—not just knowing the facts, but actually feeling the impact, if only vicariously. It may also be the time in which their dreams may be woven into the unrolling fabric of the organizational life."

Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organizing World, pp.193-194
Harrison Owen

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